Diversity And Inclusion

At Kent Pharmaceuticals, we foster an environment where individuals are welcomed, appreciated, heard and respected, where differences and similarities are valued. We aim to create a collaborative and engaging workplace that drives innovation and excellence.

Investing in the development of our people, who understand the value of Diversity & Inclusion is a critical component of Kent Pharmaceuticals’s culture and success. We believe diversity and inclusion form a platform that generates creative solutions to challenges in our organization and in the industry at large.

As we expand globally, employ new technologies and become more competitive, our employees increasingly represent a range of backgrounds, cultures, ideas, talents, perspectives, attributes and other dimensions of diversity which helps us build a sustainable business and address global healthcare challenges.

Collaboration through trust, respect, and empathy are key elements for success. The uniqueness of every employee makes Kent Pharmaceuticals an inclusive place where we not only realize our dreams, but also the dreams of our customers and the patients we serve.

Employee Resource Groups

We have a commitment to support our employees and allies and the work they do as Employee Resource Groups at Kent Pharmaceuticals. Through the work of these Employee Resource Groups, serving as advisors to the Global Office of Diversity & Inclusion, we are able to make a significant impact and drive Diversity & Inclusion across the entire organization.

To help us achieve a strong balance of representation at all levels of the organization, employees and allies together are working with the business on recruitment, retention and advancement programs. They also help us build a system of policies and practices to create equity in our employees’ journeys and a culture that supports their careers and personal lives.

Our Employee Resource Groups are the engine that helps Kent Pharmaceuticals connect with the issues we need to tackle, bring solutions to the table, and identify opportunities to continue to build a culture of inclusion and belonging for everyone by fostering employee engagement, innovation, and excellence.