Corporate Responsibility

Responsible business practices are essential to fulfilling Kent Pharmaceuticals’s mission of helping people live better, healthier lives. Our corporate values are at the foundation of our culture and everything we do. We put patients and people at the center of our work to ensure the safety, reliable supply, and optimal performance of our products.

At Kent Pharmaceuticals, responsibility and sustainability are integrated into the heart of our business and we are committed to act with integrity in everything we do. I am proud of how our team of 1,00 talented employees is supporting Kent Pharmaceuticals’s corporate responsibility commitment and helping millions of people around the world to live better, healthier lives by:

  • Developing, delivering and supplying reliable, high-quality treatments. Connecting to and bettering our communities by dedicating our time, STEM talent, and resources to serve patients and communities
  • Promoting a healthy environment focusing our sustainability efforts on reducing GHG emission, waste and water use
  • Investing in our people: We put patients first; and invest in our people through effective safety, professional development and Inclusion & Diversity initiatives


  • Development: We help customers develop new products faster to improve lives for patients.
  • Delivery: Our innovative systems offer better treatments and better value for patients.
  • Supply: We help customers design, test, manufacture and package products to provide a sustainable and reliable supply of high-quality treatments for patients.


We are committed to upholding the highest standards of business conduct in everything we do and we expect our suppliers to do the same.


We have a clear structure to manage our corporate responsibility activities and we listen to stakeholders to help us identify our products.